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Retail - Cosmetics
.Net, HTML5, SQL Server, Power BI


Retail Client is a trusted cosmetic brand, making exclusive and eco friendly high quality makeup kits for a high value market, selling through various resellers including online stores. For decades, our client was looking for a solution that is direct -to -consumer channel. Besides client realized that the best way to improve sales, was to take control of direct sales. Monitoring the market trends and market research data especially the consumer buying behavior, our client realized that he needed to ensure a 24/7 availability of his product. Another protruding issue was the impact of franchisees and resellers business model on acquisition of consumer data , our client was missing out on big time on direct consumer data including feedback mechanism, needed to further the development or improvement of products & services. To monitor the ever changing market trends it was essential to know who were buying their products, when and what will actions are needed to be future ready. As a responsible brand, our client required an innovative and convenient solution that surpassed all such challenges.

Integration Points

  • Taxation & Accounting System (QB)
  • Shipping & Labeling
  • Product Catalog & Social Media
  • Email, Chat

x-Logia’s experts with rich experience in online retail worked extensively with the client’s business team to evolve a solution in accordance with market and business needs. The processes and features where designed and developed to align with the sales and marketing strategy. Various dashboard and report data point were created to capture the consumer specific data. The platform enhanced the sales opportunities for all the resellers and franchisees. The core functionality includes CRM Catalog Management, CMS, Market Place, Cart, Billing & Invoice Management including Tax Calculation, Payment Gateway integration, Consignment Labeling, Dispatch and Shipping etc.. The Platform is designed with required flexibility for a better forward integration (i.e. Social Media, Other Market Places etc.) and backward integration (i.e. CRM, Accounting System, etc.).

The robust UI/UX integration and seamless content flow provided an exceptional buying experience. A robust, lightweight and responsive design of the application for web and mobile ensured compatibility across with wide range of devices.

The dashboard capabilities help monitor day-to-day activities like -
Revenue - Specialty wise, Location wise
Projection - Speciality wise, Location wise, Average Sold - Location wise


Best practices driving the Ecommerce platform!

Auto-Follow-up emails for abandonment Cart to the shoppers, improved sales conversion. A stable Platform that ensured the services consistency was the key to build brands and customer loyalty. For brand recognition, the brand style is implemented across the platform. The product teams learned to recognize the value of investments for the long-term.

Knowing your customers preference with the help of Product curation is vital to build an Ecommerce business. It helps in visitors’ profiling and offers an insight into the target audience buying pattern.

Improving sales by highlighting product benefits and communicating intangible value to the customers through social media create better impact. Engaging with the customers without adding to marketing expenses.

The eCommerce Platform have an inbuilt unique customer focused incentive model and a feature to propose cross-selling of small-ticket items to encourage customer to shop more and ensure customer loyalty.

The platform is integrated with Youtube to optimized non-scripted influencer campaigns and Event Management tool/s. Focusing on building communities around loyal and engaged followers, user-generated-content posts, simple comparison table, New BI Reports has enhance the portals ability in monitoring and engaging consumer socially.

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